Marie's November Article

31 Oct 17

November , 2017

What an October we have had weatherwise.  As we watched in horror the hurricanes across the world,  then wildfires, while we were enjoying ‘summer’ sunshine, but there was  a sting in the tail .  Hurricane ‘Ophelia’ caused havoc in Ireland, Wales and parts of Scotland.  However, there was a final affect when the sun turned blood red surrounded by mist and it was almost like a sunset in the middle of the day.  It was explained by dust from the Sahara Desert, and that reminds us of how small the world is.

Do you remember when the norm was Pink for a girl , Blue for a boy? Well now a well known store in Birmingham wants to get rid of this idea even to the extent of boys and girls clothes not in separate aisles.   Why?  They also want to get rid of motifs on girls’ clothes like ‘Princess’ and on boys’ clothes like ‘Trucks’.  I am almost certain this will not have any affect whatsoever but I also think their sales will suffer as the saying is true ‘Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.

There was a Festival of Thrift in Redcar at the end of September and this reminded me of how being thrifty was a way of life when we were young.  Because food was rationed, we had to eat every meal put before us, leaving the dog with just scraps and bones (there was no dog food).  I carried on being thrifty when I was older and can remember many Rummage Sale where I bought home made woollies for a few pence, unravelled them, put the wool in skeins and washed it.  Also when the sale was over and we were ditching what was left, I would cut off any buttons and later sew them on cards.

A couple of months ago they were celebrating 1987 when Coventry City won the F.A.Cup. Ticket to stand behind the goal was £6 and a ticket on the express train to go to Wembley was £1.  There was such excitement and the whole city of Coventry and surrounding areas were overjoyed.  It was such an event but today there is not the atmosphere, as it seems inevitable that one of the top four teams from the Premiership always win. What a shame one of the underdogs can’t win.

I thought this was a lovely thought ‘Children are the rainbow of life.  Grandchildren are the pot of gold.’

 Marie Cove

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