Gwyneth's November Letter

31 Oct 17

This month we take time to remember all those who paid the ultimate price in times of war and conflict. A tradition that has been kept since WW1 to the present day.
Most families have someone or something to remember about the various wars that have taken place over the years. Most of us hope that there will be no more war, no more unnecessary deaths, but we know that anything can happen to disturb the peace like conflict, power seekers and indoctrinated extremists.

Peace is a very precious thing and we must always pray for peace in our daily / weekly prayers.

God Bless

Gracious Father,
we pray for peace in our world:
for all national leaders
that they may have wisdom to know and courage to do what is right;
for all men and women
that their hearts may be turned to yourself 
in search for righteousness and truth;
for those who are working to improve international relationships,
that they may find the true way of reconciliation;
for those who suffer as a result of war;
the injured and disabled,
the homeless and hungry,
those who mourn for the their dead,
and especially for those who are without hope or friend
to sustain them in their grief.

(Baptist Peace Fellowship) 

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