Marie's October Artical

27 Sep 17

They say we English are obsessed by the weather, but this is no wonder as although we don’t have the extremes of  many countries, for which we are thankful, our seasons are no longer clearly defined.  Although this summer there have been many dark dismal days, this has been our best year for a long time for the flowers, bees and especially Butterflies. Also we are picking lots of tomatoes, and I bought my granddaughter a plum tree last year and it is laden with plums, so let us hope that this bodes well for all farmers and growers.
Have you ever decided to clean some rubbish out and then found yourself putting nearly everything back where you found it?  I did this recently and being of a certain age, have a lot of memories stored, but I did manage to fill a very large bag for the bin.  I also found some items which I could not ditch -  black and white wedding photos of Dave’s uncle on which were his Grandma and Grandad, photos of whom were very rare as in those days hardly anyone owned a camera, so wedding photos were the only ones taken.  Also although she lived many more years, when the marriage broke up, his Grandma vowed never to go to another wedding, and she didn’t.
In August I received a catalogue to order Christmas cards.  I  could hardly believe it , as I just wish we  could be allowed to enjoy the seasons as they come along – beautiful Autumn when everywhere is full of wonderful colours, smells and sounds, Harvest Festival and supper when  we thank God for his generosity; the faces of the children who are the children of the children who have come Trick or Treating throughout the years and Bonfire night.  Why think about Christmas when there are so many other events to celebrate?
I read an article which was wondering how many people Charlie Chaplin made laugh. Although he was a comic actor before “Talkies”, his films were shown all across the world and are still available today.  ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted,’ that’s what Charlie Chaplin said.  If we allocated a day to each person who laughed at his films, it is certain they would add up to several lifetimes worth of joy, so let us make sure we fill our lives with un-wasted days.

Marie Cove

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