Marie's September Article

30 Aug 17

September, 2017

As I have grown older I wonder how my parents who were born in 1900 and 1901 contended with all the changes in their lives and the world  They had seen the motor car become more abundant , lorries and vans replace canal  boats to transport goods, the telephone in many more households, television, men had landed on the moon and many more wonders.  Then I think of all the changes I have seen in my lifetime – a World War and many other wars beside, people having holidays abroad, mobile ‘phones, computers and tablets making  peoples’ lives no longer private but there for all the world to see.

I am a real ‘back seat driver’ as they say and sometimes I surprise myself the silly remarks I make when I say “Watch that pedestrian he might step out”, but now I have been surpassed as there is a car which is advertised as ‘having a brain’.  It tells you the hazards that could happen and what’s in front etc.  I think that could be just as irritating to the driver as I am. 

Did you know Queen Victoria grew from a 7 stone bride to an 81 year old with a 50 inch waist?  Despite having 9 children she maintained her weight but when her beloved Albert died Victoria started comfort eating.  The Queen also bolted down her food, resulting in chronic indigestion. It is almost unbelievable how much she ate and in such large amounts.  Even in her 70’s Victoria was eating 6 course meals.  In 1897 the Aga Khan wrote of an audience with the Queen when he said they sat down at a quarter past nine and it was a quarter to 11 before it was over.

Young David had been asking his mother for a baby brother for a long time and had always been told, 

“Perhaps one day when we can afford one.”  

So it was in great excitement that he rushed home one day. 

 “Put your coat on quickly Mum,” he said, “there’s a Summer fete at the Church this afternoon and it says, ‘Children Free’.”

Marie Cove

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