Gwyneth's August Letter

28 Jul 17


It’s August! – that can only mean one thing – Flower Festival !

 One thing is self-evident from the Festival is that we will all join forces together – both community and church. It is a time of fellowship as well as hard work and usually we all enjoy the occasion.

The theme this year is “Change” Jesus certainly brought about change – a change that would alter the way of life for the whole world. We more or less live out these changes on a day to day, year to year basis. Most of our values echo the message Jesus gave us. We revolve around Christmas, Easter, Harvest, and Advent on a yearly basis both in our own personal lives and commercially. Business would miss the income derived from all our Christian festivals.

One way or another we owe a lot to Jesus Christ – I think life would be very boring without Him, He is our Friend, our Father, our Comforter and our Joy.

Thank God for Jesus.


Lay Reader


O God, our true life, to know You is life, to serve You is freedom, to enjoy You is a kingdom, to praise you is the joy and happiness of the soul. I praise and bless and adore You, I worship You, I glorify You. I give thanks to You for Your great glory. I humbly be You to live with me, to reign in me, to make this heart of mine a holy temple, a fit habitation for Your divine majesty.

St. Augustine 

St. Augustine


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Flower Festival 2017

The theme for Ansley’s 53rd Flower Festival is “Change” and yes each year there are changes to be made to make each festival unique. However, there are many things that do not change.   (The photographs are from the 2016 festival) ...


Personal Profile
Peter Allan

As from 5th June 2016  Rev. Peter Allan has retired. However the life of the church will continue, although there may be a few changes.  If you want to contact the church please do so via the web link or email. Alternatively please telephone one of the church wardens Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833  one of the deputies Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089 or Margaret Oliver 024 7639 5674 all will be happy to help in any way they can.