Marie's May Article

28 Apr 17

When I set my Tomato seeds, I couldn’t believe how small they are, but within a week they had pushed through the soil and are growing bigger.  I counted them as I put them in and every one came through.  What a miracle plants are.

We all know that £1 coins are being replaced, but what I didn’t know is that paper £5 notes will no longer be legal tender after May 5th, but there will be a period when old ones can be traded in.

I was watching a programme on ‘Food Poverty, and during the 1st World War people got together to persuade people to eat together very cheaply.  Now a charity in Liverpool is giving  a dinner and pudding for £1, doing the same dishes that would have been served in 1917.  They had Beef Stew, Rolls and Rice Pudding on one menu.  They said they used cheap cuts of meat and I must say that one of my favourite meals is Shoulder of Lamb  roast and mashed potato and veg.  My mother used to say,

 ‘The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat,’ and this is certainly true with shoulder of Lamb.

As I was washing up I suddenly wondered how on earth we got rid of the grease before washing up liquid. The grill hadn’t been heard of so everything such as Bacon. Eggs etc. were fried in dripping or lard.  I take my hat off to whoever first thought of washing up liquid.

This is Bluebell time and we in Warwickshire have some wonderful displays and I felt I had to express how these wonderful flowers make me feel – 

What a wonderful sight when the Bluebells are here;

 Bank after bank so unique and fair, 

A sign of Spring amid new sounds and sight, 

The Bluebells are heralds of nature’s delights.      

When you are looking at the Bluebells, don’t forget the Wood Anemone as their pretty white blooms are a wonderful sight.


Marie Cove.    

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