Marie's April Article

27 Mar 17

April, 2017.

Every year I look for the Blackthorn Blossom, and there it was this week.  There are quite a few trees just outside Bedworth, and although it doesn’t have a pretty name. to me it is the sign that Spring is here.

There was an article in a National newspaper listing certain things parents should teach their children.  There were obvious ones like making a cup of tea, and some absolutely ridiculous like basic car maintenance.   One of the presenters on T.V. said it didn’t matter if children knew basic sewing because if the hem comes down on trousers you can take them to the Dry Cleaners and they will repair it for £10 or £11.  I wonder how much they charge for sewing on a button?  Anyway if you have a hem repaired professionally it takes days but if you have a needle and thread you can repair it easily instantly.  

There was a man who had been in prison in America for 32 years, wrongly accused of murder.  The pupils at his local University had worked tirelessly and campaigned for his release.  Now he is free and he was so upbeat; held no resentment to those who had judged him wrongly, but just wanted to get on  with his life.  What a refreshing change in this world where there is so much spite and bad feeling.  I hope he has many years of freedom and enjoys the rest of his life.

A lady’s 4 year old granddaughter dropped something on the ground and raised it to her mouth, so her grandmother took it from her and told her not to do it ‘Why?’ asked the child. Her grandmother said that it was dirty and had germs.  ‘How do you know all this stuff?’ her granddaughter asked.  Her grandmother said that all grandmothers know this stuff.  It’s on the grandmother test.   After a couple of minutes the child beamed, ‘I get it!  If you don’t pass the test you have to be a Grandpa.’ 

Fair April, a month to stir the soul.  A month when Spring begins to unfold.  Sun and  showers and lighter days. Rainbow shining through watery rays.  New life all around both animals and flowers..  This is why April is loved by all, as now this month gives promise anew.  A herald of summer for me and you.

 Marie Cove.                               

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