Marie's March article

28 Feb 17

March, 2017.

I cannot recall in all my many years that I didn’t have a book for Christmas, from when I was about 6 years old and I have kept and treasured most of them.  In fact some of them I take out of the bookcase and read again and again.  This year one of my Granddaughters gave me a book called ‘A Nuneaton childhood in the l950’s.  What memories it evoked and how Nuneaton has changed and also the way we live.  People say we shouldn’t live in the past but it is the past which makes us.  Even the youngsters today can look back and have memories they treasure, whether it is scoring a goal for their team, achieving something at school or even a family party when the elderly and the young get together.   As the song says ‘Memories are made of this.’

Do you know what Nurdles are?  Well they are small pellets from which plastic products are made.  They are also known as ‘Mermaids’ Tears’ and this is because these pellets are getting out of containers and entering the sea in great quantities.  They are ingested by fish who starve as they clog up their insides.  A few years back we thought we had a mouse in our pantry, as we found all these small pieces of plastic.  It turned out they were the remnants of a recycled plastic carrier bag.  What a mess one carrier bag made, so we can imagine that the many millions of plastic bags released on beaches and the sea would be catastrophic.

We have all seen stately homes which contain many beautiful fixtures and artworks acquired before the age of the credit card when the owners were on European grand tours, but how did they pay for these items?   The most useful and safest way was ‘letters of credit’, which were promissory notes giving the recipient the right to have the funds transferred from the purchaser’s bank.  These led to the development of the cheque, pioneered by the Bank of England in 1717.

Soon Spring brings forth her jewels of flowers from pearls of Snowdrops in shady bower to Daffodils of amber hue, which herald those days all bright and new.

 Marie Cove.                               

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