Flower Festival 2016 report

29 Aug 16

There is one thing for certain, God never ceases to amaze. 

This year our 52nd festival was very different from others. People doing the decorating (and other work in the church during the event) said things were somehow different, but they could not put their finger on it.as it.

Was it that we decorated the pillars in a new way and put different flowers on the pulpit? Who knows?

 But, yes it was different, we in Ansley are now without a vicar, so are reliant on asking other clergy to help out and this was particularly difficult for a holiday weekend, however we were able to ask the Revd. Tim Mitchel from the Diocese to come and lead us at our Sunday morning Communion Service.

 Revd. Paul Messam from Bulkington in the evening for sung Evensong.

 Gwyneth Hickman our Lay reader led our Friday evening Dedication Service and our Thanks Giving Service at the close on Monday evening.

 It was also very different that on the Saturday morning when usually there are people coming in before we are officially open there was no one around until nearly 10.30 a.m. Things did pick up and at times there were quite a lot of visitors around the church, but after the thunder storm it was very quiet again, but we had a lovely day.

 Sunday, usually busy, was exceptionally quiet, but the weather was dry and sunny most of the day. Who knows why we had so few visitors?

Monday was quite the opposite when it is usually a slow start in the morning we had visitors arriving before the official opening and the day continued to be exceptionally busy. It was necessary to ask people to do extra shifts to help with the refreshments and other tasks for things run as smoothly as possible. We fortunately had just enough cake for everyone, although there was not a lot of choice towards the end.


What is not different is that we had a financial success, with people giving generously and a total of £3,300 was made for the church funds, of which £412.50 will be given to the Nuneaton Hospital League of Friends and the same amount to the Acorn Children’s Hospice.

 Also what was not different was the atmosphere that has always accompanied our Flower Festivals, the friendship and fellowship that is created in both the working together and helping one another. 

The meeting of returning and new visitors, and generally everyone doing their best to make the festival as rewarding as it has become known.

 A few of the comments in the visitor’s book are the best way to portray this.

 “An absolute triumph of skill and beauty! Truly magical. Thank You” S &B Ash Green.

“Heavenly.” C &W R.

“Beautiful show of flowers.” E & A B Hampshire

“Absolutely fantastic, so much hard work gives so much pleasure to everyone.” MK & TA Corley

“Very beautiful, descriptive and inspiring.” C & HB Coventry

“Imaginative and thought provoking.” C & A B Birmingham

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Flower Festival 2017

The theme for Ansley’s 53rd Flower Festival is “Change” and yes each year there are changes to be made to make each festival unique. However, there are many things that do not change.   (The photographs are from the 2016 festival) ...


Personal Profile
Peter Allan

As from 5th June 2016  Rev. Peter Allan has retired. However the life of the church will continue, although there may be a few changes.  If you want to contact the church please do so via the web link or email. Alternatively please telephone one of the church wardens Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833  one of the deputies Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089 or Margaret Oliver 024 7639 5674 all will be happy to help in any way they can.