Marie's October 2021 Article

28 Oct 21

October, 2021

It is hard for many who live alone as the nights draw in but most of us are really lucky that we can put the heating on if it is cold and snuggle down in our warm beds.  Someone once asked me if I won the pools (as it was then), what personal thing would I like to spend it on.  I had no hesitation in replying that I would pay someone to change the bed every day.  Well, it didn’t happen but recently my daughter has decided to change the bed every fortnight, make it up and dry the bed linen. This to me is as good as winning the pools.

Despite the ups and downs of the weather this year, the gardens and allotments have had a good harvest, except for the tomatoes which had the blight but it only affected the outdoor plants.  Those in the greenhouse have been plentiful and delicious.

For many years we bought inserts for the magazine and during one of my cleaning out sessions I found some old magazines which contained some interesting items. One was headed, ‘Name this child’.  Although some old names have become popular some you can never see being used again, e.g. ‘Homobonus’ which means ‘good man’.  One individual’s parents chose this name for their son and he lived up to his name.  He became the Patron Saint of Tailors in Cremona, Lombardy.  He was not a monk, a martyr, a bishop or a king but he was a family man and a generous helper of the poor  He really lived up to his name.

I Iike to buy the ‘Nuneaton News’ as this paper keeps us in touch with local news and has a section called ‘Nuneaton Memories.  This week they published the plans for Nuneaton and if this actually happens the town will be transformed with a new cinema, multi-storage car park and leisure site for the town centre, all to be revealed in early 2022.  There are also plans for a ‘Hilton Hotel’.  Sounds as if the Nuneaton we knew and loved will be gone forever.  

God is here this October morning. God is here as life is dawning.                                          The fields have still their sheen of green, and many berries on hedgerow are seen.  God gave this month as a gentle rest, before we tackle winter’s toil and zest.                 The weather continues to be mild and still giving peace and joy to mind and will.


Marie Cove.

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