Marie's September 2021 Article

29 Sep 21

One of the nicest and handiest Christmas presents I have ever had was a door stopper in the shape of a black Scottie dog.  It was a good job it was so heavy as it prevented one of the great grandchildren taking it home.  It has been particularly useful as we keep doors open to let fresh air all through the house during Covid.

As we have started to go out and see people, it may be only 18 months but it is like meeting up with long lost friends.  What has amazed me is how we have known each other under masks and so when we could sing without masks at our Sunday service it was wonderful.

At this time of year when we are picking Runner Beans (Kidney Beans as we called them), I remember my younger brother.  He wouldn’t let anyone cut up the beans except him because he would cut them thin, on the slant, and lots of them.  Then when we had dinner he would have a large plate of beans, gravy and a lamb chop. It was, however, different when we picked the Peas, as we only liked them raw, so there were never enough for our Mam to cook, so we had to have cabbage.

Anyone who knows me knows my favourite animal is the Donkey.  This mild loveable animal was ridden by Mary to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus and then Jesus rode a donkey through Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, so I was interested to read about Donkey Rides.   These were first offered in the late 1880’s.  They were first used to transport Cockles, but the owners saw they had extra earning potential carrying children. The Donkey Charter was issued in 1942 giving the donkeys an hour long lunch break and Fridays off.  Of course I presume that these rules only apply to this country.

Welcome the harvest, a time of corn, wheat and all sorts of  grain           Food for the hungry, God’s promise fulfilled again                                    Our harvest we should share with those who have none                   Not only food, but love and attention, As we have lots we can share.

Flower Festival 2021 Report

Over the many years we have always been aware of God’s guidance during our Flower Festivals. This has been especially true this year. There have been so many uncertainties- Would it been permitted? Would people come? Yes it was allowed an...


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October Jottings

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