August 2021 Jottings

28 Aug 21

Ansley Jottings – Remember 

The theme for our Flower Festival this year is ‘Remember’.  Some of you will remember the first flower festival held at St Laurence Church in 1965.  Some villagers may also remember Dr Baker, who used to practice in Ansley in the 1960s, before he emigrated to Australia.  While sorting through his belongings he found cine film of some of our early flower festivals.  It is lovely to know that the film has been converted onto a DVD and can be watched in the Vestry during this summer’s festival.

I moved into Ansley Village in 1984 and was soon asked to help at the festival.  I remember helping with refreshments in the marquee and marvelling at the organisation and effort that went into serving teas and coffees with water to be fetched from the nearest tap and a big urn to boil it.  The uneven ground was a challenge both for those serving and customers trying to find a flat spot for their chairs.  I was really impressed by the abundance and beauty of the flowers, the skill of the arrangers and the friendly, co-operative atmosphere shown by everyone before and during the event.  As the years went by I became involved in arranging flowers too, though at a very amateur level.

One of the joys of the festival is that it brings together people who may not see each other very often and who really appreciate the opportunity to catch up with friends and remember past times. 

Remembering holds a very important place in Christian faith.  At each service in church we remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as we say the creed together.  The Bible readings remind us of the basis of our faith.  They challenge and support us on our own journeys through life, as do the words of the hymns that we can sing aloud once more.

This month, may we remember all the good things that God has given us.  May we be inspired, as we remember the past, to remain faithful in the present and to trust in God for the future.

“The desert and barren land will celebrate and blossom with flowers.  The people the Lord has rescued will go home singing.”  Isaiah 35:1, 10.

Flower Festival 2021 Report

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