Marie's August Article

28 Aug 21

I await anxiously for my tomatoes to ripen and grow lots of them, so I was surprised to read that until the end of the 18th century doctors had warned against eating tomatoes as their skins were believed to cause stomach ulcers and appendicitis. The tomato arrived in Europe from America in the 16th century and was considered an ornamental plant.  Then US farmer Robert Gibbon Johnson proved they were safe to eat by eating a basketful of them in front of an audience of 2.000 at the Old Salem County Courthouse in New Jersey.  When he failed to suffer any side-effects, tomatoes were given the green light.  

When I see so many both young, old and in between wearing different styles of ‘Plimsolls’ I can’t believe it.  Even men in suits have ditched the smart shoes for ‘pumps’, as we always called them.  Almost gone are the strappy sandals to wear with summer dresses and instead ‘pumps’.  Where did this come from?

When I see adverts for ‘Grazing’, it reminds me of when as children we were experts at foraging.  We ate Hazel Nuts. Beech Nuts and Pig Nuts. We also ate the leaves of a wild plant which we called sweetmeat.  We picked Watercress by the stream and ate Blackberries.  All these not washed, free and really enjoyed.  However, our generation were lucky as there was no spraying of fields and no fumes from traffic at the roadside.

This fair month sees the fulfilment of spring.                             The fields are ready their harvest to bring.                                 Let’s enjoy long August days and shady night,

As worries are forgotten and put to flight.

Flower Festival 2021 Report

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