May 2021 Magazine

29 May 21

Please see below an update on church services for May 2021

(As at 24th April 2021)

As noted in last month’s magazine, services are suspended until further notice.  The decision to resume services will be made by the Reverend John Langlands in consultation with the PCCs in Arley and Ansley, with regard to government and Church of England advice and taking the local situation into account.  We do look forward to being able to worship together again soon. Even if we must stay in our seats. Please continue to use the church website, or phone a churchwarden (see front of magazine) for the latest information. 

From the Registers


The funeral of Andrew Paul Shirley, who died at the age of 25, was held at St Laurence Church on 15th April.  Andrew was the beloved son of Beverley and Richard and brother of Edward, Michael and James.  They along with other family members and special friend Nico mourn Andrew’s passing.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to Andrew’s family and friends. 

Easter Sunday Benefice Service at St Laurence

It was lovely to be able to worship together on Easter Sunday, on a bright sunny day.  Approximately forty people gathered in church and very much appreciated this opportunity for public worship.  The congregation moved outside to socially distanced markers to sing the final hymn.  There was also the chance to speak to people in person!  

The Reverend John Langlands had been at Coventry Cathedral for the early Easter service at which confirmations took place. William (Bill) Hill and his daughter Mandy Small from Ansley Village and Katrina Mays from Ansley Common were all confirmed in their faith, along with candidates from Arley and others from the Diocese.

We pray for Bill, Mandy, Katrina and all who made a public commitment on Easter Sunday. 

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

At 12 noon on Saturday 10th April, at the request of the above organisation, Ansley St Laurence number 6 bell was tolled half muffled 99 times in memory of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 

The formal notice of this event will be printed in Ringing World. 

A Letter to the Parishes from Bishop Christopher 

Dear Friends,

It is impossible to express the full extent of my appreciation for the depth and breadth of the work that has been carried out across this diocese in what has been the most extraordinary year. I extend my thanks to everyone – clergy and laity – who have worked tirelessly in the midst of adversity. Because of you, empowered by the grace of God, we have been able to live out our shared purpose of worshipping God, making new disciples and transforming communities.

 I also extend my thanks to each and every one of you who has financially supported the work of the Church in this diocese in whatever way you have been able to do so. I know that many people are facing financial hardship or have seen a drop in their household income. Many churches have also lost income from hall rentals and wedding fees – these are indeed challenging times.

 The diocesan accounts for 2020 are still being audited. However, I can tell you that the Diocesan Board of Finance received 90% of the Parish Share contributions that were budgeted for 2020. I am hugely grateful for all the contributions that were received – thank you!

 Broadly speaking, Parish Share accounts for about two-thirds of our diocesan income. It is used to pay for the cost of parish ministry for everyone in this diocese, no matter where they live. The costs of bishops and cathedral ministry are funded centrally but the Church of England, and the diocesan office team is funded in a separate way. So your precious gifts of money are there to ensure that our dedicated clergy are trained, receive their stipends and have somewhere to live.

 In this year, which has seen such loss and suffering, I find it quite amazing that so much has been achieved. It has been wonderful to see churches, supported by diocesan staff, re-adjusting and re-imagining their mission and ministry. There has been a remarkable movement to deliver much of Church life online, and there are wonderful examples of reaching out though Christian social action to our communities in their need.

 To give thanks for God’s work among us and through us, a Day of Prayer is being planned in the Cathedral on 25th September. There is much more to be done, and the journey forward will not be without its challenges, but we have much to look forward to. With our faith rooted in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we thank God for all that is still to come.

 Thank you for the part that you are playing in the life of God’s kingdom.

 With every blessing,

As ever, yours

+ Christopher

 From the PCC


The annual meeting of the PCC will be at St Laurence Church on Thursday 20th May at 2.00 p.m.  If you would like to join the electoral roll, please speak to a churchwarden about collecting a form as the usual procedure of placing notification in the porch is not practicable this year.  If you were on the Electoral Roll last year you remain on it this year, unless you ask to be removed from it.  You do not have to be on the electoral roll to attend the first part of the meeting in which annual reports are presented.  After this, there will be a short PCC meeting to elect officers for the year.  Please pray for the PCC, that decisions may be guided by the Holy Spirit as plans are made for the year ahead.  The meeting will adhere to Covid19 restrictions in force on the day.


Gift Aid

In the financial year just ended the following amounts have been received by the church in respect of the tax refunded on amounts given by those paying tax, who have completed the appropriate form. 

General Fund                          £4552.09

Fabric Fund                                 £29.00

Churchyard Fund                       £276.50

St John’s, Ansley Common      £ 107.26

Total                                         £4964.85 

This sum for obvious reasons is down on last year’s totals but still it will make a vast difference to our financial situation.

Please remember, if you pay tax, to consider having a word when you make any donations to the church. 

Easy Fund Raising

If you buy things online there is a very simple way of raising money for charities, including the church.  When you buy an item from a participating organisation (some shops, energy companies, insurance etc.) they will on your request send a very small percentage (often just a few pence) to Easy Fund Raising.  This is then forwarded to the church once a quarter.  At the end of March we received £25.15.  It may not seem a lot but every penny helps our balances.

If you want to know more, please contact Margaret Antill. 


Because of lockdown, the annual Memorial Service did not take place.  Donations are often given at this service towards the upkeep of the churchyard.   The grass mowing costs over £4,500 a year, which is £260 per cut during the growing season.  Visitors often comment favourably on the appearance of the area.  Thank you to those who sent money towards the costs of grass cutting over the past year, in memory of their loved ones.   If anyone would like to donate this year it would be much appreciated, please contact a church warden for details.  There are always other jobs to be done in the churchyard and the donation of time is also appreciated. 

Prayer Requests

If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer during this time of disruption, please make contact by email or phone one of the following. 

Rev. J. Langlands    024 7667 5236 email

Margaret Antill          018 2787 4520

Moreen Freestone    024 7638 1833

Margaret Oliver         014 5582 2822

Diana Kealey            02476395089

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Personal Profile
Question Mark

We are waiting for a new appointment. We ask your prayers for this process.

Unfortunately Rev. John is no longer with us and we are without a vicar at present,  but the church is still here

Please contact one of the wardens

Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or  077889 17822

Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833

Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089

Margaret Oliver 01455 822822

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