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28 Apr 21

Please see below an update on church services for April 2021

(As at 26th March 2021) 

The church community is delighted to have received confirmation that a Joint Benefice Service can be held at St Laurence Church, Ansley at 10.30 a.m. on Easter Day, under the same restrictions as before the current lockdown.  It is especially significant as seven candidates from the Benefice are to be confirmed at a dawn Easter Day service at Coventry Cathedral, (John, Avis, Megan, Katrina, Jimmy, Mandy and Bill.)  Your prayers are requested for the candidates as they make this significant commitment to the Christian faith.  We welcome them warmly to the church family in Arley and Ansley.

At the time of writing, the Churchwardens and PCC members of Arley and Ansley have decided against restarting a regular service in the Benefice following Easter Sunday.  This decision has been circulated online, by post and is posted on the web, www.ansleychurch.org

It will be reviewed later in April.  Meanwhile e-mail services and mid week updates will continue to be circulated.  Funerals, burials, cremations, interment of ashes and other requests will be dealt with as they arise and will follow the latest government regulations.  Please speak to a churchwarden if you have any questions. 

April Calendar

As well as services mentioned above it is possible to worship at home using the Church of England website www.cofe.org or with radio or television.

Thursday 1st April    Maundy Thursday

Friday 2nd April        Good Friday

Sunday 4th April       Easter Day                  Joint Benefice at St Laurence 10.30 a.m.

Sunday 11th April     Easter 2

Sunday 18th April     Easter 3

Sunday 25th April     Easter 4 

Palm crosses will have been blessed and will be available to collect on Easter Day or do phone to ask for one.  

(Track and Trace, face masks, social distancing, no singing and no celebration of Holy Communion will apply.  Please take special care when entering and leaving the building.  Once seated keep movement around church to a minimum.) 

Despite the restrictions it will be wonderful to join together in worship and to acknowledge together that:-  

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!

From the Registers


The ashes of Susan Mary Allen and Pauline Skell-Taylor were interred in family graves at St Laurence during March. We express our condolences to their respective families and friends. 

Lent Water Aid Collection

It was decided to support Water Aid as our charity through Lent again this year.  It seems appropriate to enable people worldwide to have access to clean water when we remember that Jesus used the image of water when he said,

“Whoever is thirsty should come to me and drink.  As the scripture says, ‘whoever believes in me, streams of life-giving water will pour out from his heart.’ ” (John 7:37,38.) 

From the PCC



We are all very grateful to the Late Dr. Ernest Davies for the Bequest of £4928.54 which has been put into the Fabric fund.

Dr Davies for many years supported the church by a generous donation each Easter for Easter flowers and for the fabric fund.  This was given in memory of his sister Kathleen Hughes.

It was very unfortunate for all, especially his executors and close friends, that he died early in 2020 (not of Covid19).  His wishes for his funeral arrangements that had he had planned meticulously were not able to happen because the lockdown had been imposed. Only 6 people could attend his funeral and his close friend who made all the arrangements was stuck overseas at the time.

Our sympathy continues to the families of all those whose funerals have been impacted by the necessary rules that have been imposed.

The Easter lilies on the altar this Easter are in memory of Dr Davies. 

Church yard

The daffodils given in memory of David William look a picture now.

 The following message was received recently.

“Just want to say Thank You!

Popped across to see mum & dad and leave some flowers on their grave for Mother's Day today.

Haven't been able to visit much owing to shielding and lock down  (I live in Rugby) and it was an absolute pleasure to see the churchyard looking so lovely.

I'm so pleased that they're at rest in such beautiful surroundings and many thanks again for keeping it so tidy and well maintained.

God bless.”

 This positive comment is much appreciated.

 Unfortunately we do have two concerns to bring to your attention.  There have been further incidents of dog fouling, especially near the path to the stile.  Signs have been put back to remind people to clear up after their dogs.  It causes great distress when mess is found near a loved one’s grave.  

 Secondly, we would like to remind visitors that grass mowing has now resumed.  Normally the grass over a grave is expected to be kept free of flowers so the grass cutter can get close to the stone to allow easy access and to maintain the neat appearance of the area. Floral tributes should be placed in a suitable container incorporated in the memorial.

 News from abroad

The following e-mail has been received from Dr Richard Baker which we thought would be of interest to those with long memories!

 Dear Rev. Langlands

          Re Ansley Flower Festival 1967 & 1968 I was the local GP in Ansley
in partnership with Dr John Bland from 1962 to 1969 when I left for
Australia. I recently unearthed a box of 8mm film that I had transferred to
CD. Amongst these was a short documentary that I made of the discovery of
the extensive damage to the bell tower timbers, the need to raise funds for
the repair and the birth of the Ansley Flower Festival. There was a
commentary by my friend Rev Stanley Marriot and organ music by Miss Vesey
but unfortunately these did not survive the transfer process.
 I emphasise that this is no work of art, just an amateur film but I thought
that it might be of interest to yourself or members of your congregation.
Should you wish to receive a copy please email a postal address and I will
send one over.
Kind regards, Richard Baker 

 Looking to the future

The Reverend John Langlands and the churchwardens are aware that people will be wondering what will happen in the parish from June 2021.  Over the next few weeks the Archdeacon Missioner, the Area Dean, the Assistant Area Dean with the churchwardens of Ansley and Arley will be continuing the process of exploring together a sustainable future for our parishes. Please pray for all involved in planning the witness and work of our churches over the next few years, that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit in their discussions and decisions.  We will keep you up to date with developments.   


Prayer Requests

If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer during  this time of disruption, please make contact by email or phone one of the following.

Rev. J. Langlands    024 7667 5236 email jlanglands@sky.com

Margaret Antill          018 2787 4520

Moreen Freestone    024 7638 1833

Margaret Oliver         014 5582 2822

Diana Kealey            02476395089

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Question Mark

We are waiting for a new appointment. We ask your prayers for this process.

Unfortunately Rev. John is no longer with us and we are without a vicar at present,  but the church is still here

Please contact one of the wardens

Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or  077889 17822

Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833

Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089

Margaret Oliver 01455 822822

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